About Texas County Technical College

Thus began the grand story of Texas County Technical College, a school located in Houston, Missouri, USA. Its humble beginnings trace back to the mid-1960s, when it was established to provide educational opportunities to local residents.

As the years passed and the college grew, so too did its reputation for excellence. Offering a wide range of degrees and certifications, the college has become a beacon of hope for those wishing to pursue their dreams and better their lives.

Those who attend Texas County Technical College can expect to find a host of courses and programs in fields such as business, health sciences, engineering, and information technology. It also offers specialized certification programs that are designed to help students reach their potential.

The college is dedicated to providing an engaging educational experience for its students. This is evident in the numerous activities and events held throughout the year, such as career fairs, lectures, workshops and seminars. Furthermore, there is an active student body full of vibrant individuals who are eager to learn and make meaningful connections with their peers.

The college is also committed to ensuring that all its graduates leave with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the professional world. To this end, they offer comprehensive career services that include resume writing, job search assistance, and internships.

It’s no wonder why Texas County Technical College is so highly regarded by its students and faculty alike. With its commitment to excellence and its dedication to helping each student reach their potential, this college is truly worthy of its well-deserved reputation.

If you’re looking for an education that will give you the skills you need for a successful future, look no further than Texas County Technical College! Visit them today at 6915 US Hwy 63, Houston, MO 65483, USA and take your first step towards achieving your goals!

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Texas County Technical College
6915 US Hwy 63
MO 65483
Photo of Texas County Technical College
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Photo of Texas County Technical College
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