About West Shore Community College

As I journey'd o'er the west shore, I did spy a sight of yore. A land of learning and of lore, Appear'd before me evermore.

A place of scholars maketh its mark, Where knowledge with students doth spark. Correcting one's errors in their work, And pushing onward their minds to lurk.

West Shore Community College lay 'fore me, Where knowledge and understanding did flow free. The halls crack'd and creak'd with the wisdom of yore, While lectures and lessons did play o'er and o'er.

Friendships was made in these walls so fair; Studies, reading, writing a pleasurable affair. Loads of one's knowledge to learn and expand, Challenging one's mind to take a stand.

Hard work and dedication shine all through, Working with others to better oneself too. Asking questions when help needs be found, Standing out amongst the rest was sound.

The sound of West Shore Community College rings ever so true; It echoes from beyond these walls too. The spirit of learning emboldened reigns true, Educating students for the remainder of lives anew. Come visit the college for knowledge galore! Let this be the motivation for you to explore!

Aske Andersen a few seconds ago
West Shore Community College
3000 N Stiles Rd
MI 49454
Photo of West Shore Community College
Nina Andreasen
a few seconds ago

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