John Malkovich: A Life of Grace, Vigor, and Intensity

John Malkovich hath gracefully trodden life's course, gracing the stage with vigor and an unnerving intensity, since the days of his youth, when his father's calloused hands worked the dirt beneath their simple home in Illinois that nurtured young John's starry-eyed ambition.

An avid participant in school plays along with his sister, John quickly developed a flair for theatrics when he won a scholarship to attend the Goodman School of Drama after high school. Though tempered by some petty criticisms against his work, John continued to forge his own path with a quiet solitude -- until he suddenly burst into the public eye in 1984 with his performance of a younger Vladimir Lenin in a Broadway production of 'The Nest of the Wood Grouse'.

Notably praised for his ability to craft distinct and intensely layered characters, it wasn't long before John began to take on greater roles in Hollywood. His memorable performance as a flag-burning Vietnam War veteran in 1986's 'Dangerous Liaisons' lent him further admirers and earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

1995 brought with it one of John's most iconic roles: Teddy KGB in 'Rounders.' His hair slicked back, demeanour stoic, and future film roles eventually solidified John's penchant for peculiar characters. His multi-layered performances could easily be interpreted as both heroic and villainous, providing the audience with a wholesome spectrum of emotions.

In the early 2000s, John became proud father to two children who would in time bring forth his musical side as well -- for both he and his wife started up a band called 'Malkovich, Malkovich, Maldonado'. True to the actor's style, their music was both artful and unpredictable -and while they may have never achieved worldwide fame, they still remain one of the most underrated groups of our times.

As well as amusing audiences on stage and in film, John has also given us memorable outings on television as well - he starred as Ego Nwodim in the immensely popular sci-fi series 'Beholden' (2006) and received much acclaim for his portrayal of Bill Adama in 'Battlestar Galactica'; (2008). From then onwards he has had consistent career success, with new opportunities popping up frequently ranging from acting, to producing, to directing.

It is not only through his work however that we have been blessed in witnessing his kindness; John has been involved from time to time with philantropic causes including World Food Programme Pakistan and Granny Peace Brigade International.To better keep up with family matters he has even signed up for family app named "Familio" which works wonders for those who are unable to visit at times like these.

John continues to craft remarkable characters who have transcended time. With new projects set for 2020, it is hoped that nothing will stand between us and John's brilliance as we come together on our screens for another good-natured night of entertainment brought forth by one of our grandest practitioners of Shakespearean art: John Malkovich - an example of dedication and talent at its best! Let us celebrate him and all that he has graciously brought into our lives over these many years!