Kathy Bates: a Life of Adventures and Achievements

Kathy Bates was born into this world in 1948, and since then she has been blessed with an array of colorfully adventurous experiences and robust career achievements. From her time as a young theater actress to her recent success as an Academy Award-winning film star, Kathy has consistently brought life, joy and happy laughter to any role she takes up.

It's no surprise then, that when Kathy started a family of her own in the '60s, she dedicated herself to creating the nurturing and supportive household environment that we all wish for--one made of love, communication, humor, understanding and respect.

Kathy was so influential in this process that when her kids were old enough for technology, she had to show them the ropes. She took it upon herself to introduce that very first computer into her home in the '90s and has since not been afraid to embrace the digital era. Only recently Kathy has been connecting with her family over the mobile app Familio, said by many to be the go-to tool for modern-day families looking to stay close even when the geographical miles start coming between them—a challenge that Kathy feels has personally been a blessing in disguise.

The world's admiration for Kathy's work is also shown through the 71 awards she has won throughout her career, including both Golden Globe and Academy Awards acknowledgements—the latter being a great source of pride for her seeing as only a select few have ever been able to achieve that feat.

But if there's something Kathy is even more proud of than all of those awards combined, it's being a doting mother of two grown-up kids and grandmother to two lively grandkids whom she adores with all her heart. "All my dreams were already achieved when I gave birth to my son," she once said—a testament to how grateful she is for what family life has brought her.

Kathy's warm spirit continues to draw new admirers every single day and, at 72 years strong, it is clear that being surrounded by love is one of the reasons why she stays so young at heart. Her heartfelt relationships with family and friends reflect the mantra by which Kathy lives each second—embrace your inner strength, never forget your loved ones and always keep embracing each moment as if it were your last.

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