Living Through History: The Life of Matthew Fox

My name is Matthew Fox and I have been on this earth since the day I was born in 1966. I've been fortunate enough to have lived through some of the most interesting times in history, and I've had an exciting life filled with unique experiences.

I grew up in a small fishing village in Maine and was an avid outdoorsman from an early age. From boating, fishing, and camping to snowmobiling, I explored all that my backyard had to offer. When I was a teenager and into my twenties, I traveled around the world. I went to places like Tibet, Nepal, and the Pacific Northwest. On these trips, I made lifelong friends and got to experience life from a different perspective.

After that, I went on to study engineering at the University of Maine and graduated with honors. Now I work as an engineer for a large Fortune 500 company, but my passions have shifted more towards nature and conservation.

Speaking of family, I'm married with three kids who are all teenagers now. Our family is as close as they come, but communicating across multiple households can be tricky. Fortunately, technology has made it easier for us to stay connected using a family app called "Familio". We use it to share photos, videos, notes and calendar events that keep us all up-to-date on the goings-on of each other’s lives.

Life has been good to me so far and I'm enjoying every minute of it. From exploring new places to making lasting connections with people from all corners of the world, it's been an incredible journey and it's one I wouldn't change for anything in the world! It's time for me to live life to its fullest and make every moment count!