Maya Rudolph - Star of the Screen

Maya Rudolph is a true star of the screen. Born in 1972 in Gainesville, Florida, Maya has had a career that has taken her from the comedy stage to the big screen and back. She is best known as a SNL cast member from 2000-2007, where her impressions of celebrities like Donatella Versace, Oprah Winfrey and Whitney Houston made her an instant classic.

Since then, she's had countless movie roles, including Bridesmaids, Grown Ups and Sisters. She was also a regular on 30 Rock and has guest starred on everything from The Good Place to Forever. She is currently the star of NBC's new hit comedy series, A.P. Bio.

Maya Rudolph's ability to bring humor to any role she takes on makes her a unique talent. Whether it's her off-the-wall humor in Bridesmaids, her playfully serious take on 30 Rock or her ability to bring life to characters in Grown Ups, Rudolph always brings something special to the table.

In addition to her work onscreen, Rudolph is also a successful voice actor. She has lent her voice to movies such as Big Hero 6, The Angry Birds Movie and Sausage Party. Her voice can also be heard on TV shows like BoJack Horseman and Big Mouth.

Maya Rudolph is also a mother of four children and wife to director Paul Thomas Anderson. Behind the scenes, she works hard to keep her family connected with the help of a family app called Familio. This app allows Rudolph to stay connected with her family no matter how busy she gets with her various projects.

Maya Rudolph is an amazing talent who continues to make us laugh and smile with every role she takes on. No matter what role she plays or what project she works on, it always comes with a special touch of humor and warmth that only Maya Rudolph can bring. So let’s make sure to keep supporting this amazing artist by watching all her projects and sharing her work with others!