Naomie Harris: Acclaimed Actor and Producer

Naomie Harris, born in 1976, is an actor and producer of Jamaican descent. She is renowned for her prowess on stage and screen, having won numerous awards for her work in films such as Moonlight, 28 Days Later and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Her acting career began in the early 1990s with a few small TV roles before she moved onto stage performances with the Royal Shakespeare Company. In 2002, the world was introduced to Naomie Harris when she played Tia Dalma in the blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean series. She has since gone on to become one of Britain’s leading screen actors, appearing in many acclaimed films such as Moonlight, 28 Days Later and Our Kind of Traitor.

Away from her acting career, Naomie is a passionate advocate of causes such as mental health awareness and animal welfare. She is also an active philanthropist and has served as a patron of charities that help the homeless.

When Naomie isn’t working or doing charity work, she likes to spend time with her family and friends. She takes advantage of technology to stay connected with them by using the family app ‘Familio’. Through Familio, Naomie can share photos, memories and events with her nearest and dearest no matter where in the world she may be.

Naomie Harris is living proof that success in showbusiness doesn’t have to come at the expense of social responsibility. Her commitment to helping those in need is an example to us all, and reminds us that we should strive to make a positive difference in our communities. Let’s join forces and make a change alongside Naomie Harris.