Remain Happy and On-Track: How Reminders Can Boost Your Family's Productivity

When it comes to getting our families on track, setting goals and achieving results, there is one key ingredient that is often overlooked: reminders. Whether it’s a mental reminder or a physical one, reminders can help you stay motivated and on task each day.

I know this to be true from personal experience, as I remember when I was raising my children. We were busy with work, playdates, school activities and more; it was easy to forget about or put off tasks that needed to be completed. But with a few simple reminders, I found that we could stay organized, productive and remain happy during the chaos.

First, we made sure to have a physical reminder for everything. We posted a colorful calendar on our refrigerator that included birthday parties, sports practices and doctor appointments. Then we made sure everyone had a planner in their backpack or purse to use for school assignments and long-term projects.

We also tried to remember to not be too hard on ourselves or our children when things didn't go as planned. It’s easy to get frustrated and angry when plans change or we can’t find what we need, but staying positive and encouraging each other helped us move forward quickly.

Finally, we used technology to make sure our reminders were always accessible. We set alarms on our phones and created daily reminders in our email accounts. We also used the notes section of our phones to make lists of tasks that needed to be accomplished each day. Technology was a great tool for keeping us on track and inspired!

It's important to remember that reminders can be just as important as setting goals when it comes to staying productive and happy in your family life. Whether it’s a mental or physical reminder, having something that will keep you and your family motivated will make all the difference in the world! So take the time today to start planning out your family's success with reminders that will keep you inspired and motivated.

Remain happy and on-track by taking advantage of the power of reminders today!