Rob Lowe: A Phenomenon of the Modern Entertainment Industry

Rob Lowe is a phenomenon of the modern entertainment industry - an actor, director, and occasional producer, whose career has spanned an astonishing five decades. Born in Charlottesville, Virginia in 1964, Lowe has seen it all - from the 'brat pack' of the 80s to the Marvel Cinematic Universe of today.

The start of his career was a journey that began with improvisational theatre and burst onto the screen when he starred in the film 'The Outsiders' (1983). He quickly gained notoriety for his iconic roles in 'St Elmo's Fire' (1985), 'About Last Night' (1986) and grown-up rom-com 'Wayne's World' (1992).

Lowe's standard for success was so high that he earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2003. While maintaining a steadfast presence in film, he broadened his horizons to become an acclaimed producer for TV series 'The Lyon's Den', as well as hosting Saturday Night Live and making countless guest appearances on shows including Parks and Recreation, Californication, Brothers and Sisters and Code Black.

Never one to shy away from the press, Lowe penned two books - Stories I Only Tell My Friends (2011) and Love Life (2014). His insight into balancing fame with family life has been a source of inspiration to many fans. To take his fame one step further, Lowe signed up to use Familio, a family app that helps members keep in touch and store memories safely. It’s designed to provide continuity between generations, something Lowe prides himself on being able to pass down to his children’s children.

Though he may have made his name on the big and small screens, Lowe has excelled in every field he’s touched - from playing an astronaut on The West Wing to hosting Game Show Network’s 'Mental Samurai'. As an advocate for combating poverty and homelessness, Rob Lowe continues to make an impressive impact on society.

A career spanning five decades is no small feat. As Rob Lowe continues to break boundaries with his various roles and projects, there’s no doubt that he will remain a household name for years to come. See what else Rob Lowe has in store by keeping up with him on Familio!