Staying Connected With Extended Family

For those of us with extended families, staying in touch and up to date with each other can be a challenge. With the help of Familio, an app designed for both iPhone and Android, keeping connected and organized is easier than ever.

With Familio, users can create a family tree and add photos, videos, and stories to it. Managing family events is easy thanks to the calendar feature, which allows users to sync events across all devices. Sharing important information with other family members is also made simple, as Familio allows users to create private groups and conversations.

Familio also provides users with the ability to store important documents in their digital family vault. This feature allows users to store marriage certificates, birth certificates, and other documents in one secure place. This helps keep all important information safe and organized.

Familio is an easy-to-use app that makes it simpler for extended families to stay connected and organized. With features such as a family tree builder, calendar syncing, private groups, and a digital vault, Familio makes it easier than ever to stay in touch with your extended family.