Tara Strong: From Bright Child to Beloved Voice Actress

Tara Strong was born in February 1973 in Toronto, Canada – the only daughter of a daycare provider and an animator. She was a bright and bubbly child, always making people laugh with her mischievous escapades.

Tara had a natural talent for performing. Her parents nurtured her creative spirit and enrolled her in the National Ballet School at the age of 10. She quickly caught the attention of many teachers and peers alike with her skillful portrayal of characters on stage.

By the time she was 16, she was already performing in local theater productions and commercial campaigns, but it wasn’t until she appeared in Nickelodeon’s popular show, Rugrats, that she received national recognition as a voice actress. Her performance as the voice of Timmy Turner in The Fairly OddParents made her an international star.

Throughout her career, Tara has voiced various characters across a variety of animation studios and networks, including Disney, DreamWorks, Warner Brothers, and Cartoon Network. Her extensive body of work has earned her the title “The Voice of a Generation”.

Tara is also a dedicated mother and grandmother. She uses Familio, a family app to stay connected with her children and grandchildren – sharing updates, photos, and messages. As much as Tara loves being in the spotlight, her family always comes first.

In addition to being a successful entertainer, Tara is also an avid philanthropist, donating time and money to causes close to her heart. She is an outspoken advocate for mental health awareness and gender equality in Hollywood.

Tara Strong is an award-winning performer and a dedicated humanitarian – truly embodying what it means to be an empowered woman. Let's all continue to show our support for Tara and all the amazing women who have made it possible for us to live in a society where everyone can reach their full potential!