Teaching Responsibility: The Benefits of a Shared Calendar

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times; when it came to teaching responsibility to our family members, we were never quite sure which way the wheel would turn. We tried everything from withholding allowance to extolling the virtues of time management and organizational skills, yet still we bounced from one crisis to another.

That was until one fateful day when we mercifully discovered the shared calendar – ah, what blessed relief it brought to our family! Suddenly, with just a few clicks of a mouse we could create a harmonious balance throughout our home. We were astounded by the speed with which everyone rallied around the tool, and in no time at all we were scheduling activities, appoints and events with a steady hand.

At first we were apprehensive due to lack of experience: how would the children respond? Could they really be trusted to use it responsibly? Our fears were quickly allayed however, as each family member visibly addressed their own responsibilities and could be easily held accountable.

Furthermore, our children experienced no-nonsense teaching that enabled them to plan for future commitments and plan for them on a long-term basis. It was also an invaluable teaching moment for learning about respect for other’s schedule too. We noticed our children are more considerate when making plans and know that their siblings also need time for each other, or just simply time alone.

The shared calendar also made our lives easier at home – there’s nothing quite like having “one place” everybody consults. With guiltless organization - that is: no more forgotten dates; missed classes; late bills - comes newfound confidence and peace of mind.

Thus out of chaos came order in our home; a most remarkable lesson in responsibility that will surely last a lifetime. The shared calendar is an indispensible tool in the home – some may even say: its rewards are priceless; enabling us to teach responsibility while safeguarding precious time with our loved ones in the process.

Take responsibility with ease: harness the power of a shared calendar in your home today!