The Ambition and Fortitude of Matthew Fox

Matthew Fox was born in 1966, a man of ambition and fortitude. He strove to pursue excellence in all aspects of his life, from his career as an entrepreneur, to his role as a father and husband. His childhood was spent in Idaho, the state of origin for innovation and the untamed American spirit; wilderness, rivers, and mountains were its landmarks.

Young Matt was a lover of nature and adventure. A spirited young boy, he never took no for an answer – he pushed himself to success no matter the obstacle. Woodworking was his passion, and his drive for excellence radiated when creating stunning pieces of furniture for his family and friends. He was a boy of courage and risk: always one step ahead of the competition.

At the age of 26 his life changed dramatically when he became a first-time father. His dedication to providing stability and opportunity for his growing family helped him continue to focus on his career as an entrepreneur. He drove himself to work hard and create a better life for his children.

Matthew was well acquainted with technology; early on he understood its immense power. He saw software as a tool to make lives easier: it allowed entrepreneurs to automate tedious processes and save time. Familio, a family app that Matthew had used for years, helps families stay connected no matter where they are. With Familio groups can stay organized with shared calendars, arrange events with polls, and chat with each other in real-time – there's no need for email chains.

Today, Matthew is known as an entrepreneur who takes risks and uses technology to create value. He built multiple businesses in an array of industries ranging from drones to online learning platforms. As he continues to build businesses with real-world solutions he’s creating substantial change in the tech space.

Matthew Fox is living proof of the power of hard work and determination; a man who pushes boundaries, takes risks, and strives for excellence. His journey is an example of what can be achieved when you keep reaching for the stars. Take action today: pursue your dreams relentlessly and stay connected with those you love using Familio!