The Benefits of Family Time in Nature and How to Get Started

'Tis true that with mine own family I oft bemoan the lack of time spent outdoors. When I recognize this, I oft strive to seek out ways to reconnect with the natural world, for there are many benefits of family time spent in nature.

First and foremost, when we spend time in nature, it can help to foster a sense of connection and appreciation for the environment. By communing with the Earth, we become aware of its beauty and complexity, inspiring us to make that connection with our own lives. We also come to understand how our actions can affect it. It can help us realize how each deed matters and influences our environment, a realization that can have far reaching consequences when it comes to teaching our children to be mindful of their actions.

Second, it has been found that spending time outdoors can be beneficial for our physical and mental health. Not only do we get to enjoy the fresh air and sun while we are enjoying our time with nature, but the physical activity associated with exploring nature can have considerable health benefits. We also get to improve our mood and decrease stress levels when we spend time in nature.

Third, family time in nature can help us to appreciate what we have and cultivate an attitude of gratitude. We tend to forget about the importance of appreciating even the small things when we get wrapped up in our everyday lives. When we take a moment to marvel at the beauty of a waterfall or look up at the night sky, it can help us pause and remember what is truly important in life.

Finally, spending time outdoors with our families can help us create lasting memories that will stay with us for years to come. Whether it’s a fishing trip or a weekend camping trip, these memories are sure to stay with your children for life.

Though I oft find myself hesitant to leave behind my work and duties, I know that connecting with nature as a family is worth it. To start, I encourage all families to plan outings that involve being outdoors together--a hike in a nearby park or a picnic on a sunny day are both great options! If possible, try and plan multiple outings throughout the year so that you can make it part of your family’s routine. This way, you’ll be sure to reap all of the benefits of family time in nature! So start planning your family’s adventures outdoors today!