The Birth of Will Smith: A Star is Born

It was a bright and sunny day in West Philadelphia, on the 25th of September, 1968. That day marked for life the announcement of Will Smith's birth; the arrival of a young man destined for great things.

Raised by his parents, Caroline, a school board administrator and Willard, an engineer, Smith's childhood was a comfortable one. It wasn't uneventful, however. As a youth, Smith found himself face-to-face with the dangers of the street, narrowly avoiding imprisonment and finding solace in music and basketball.

By the time he made it to high school, his natural skills had developed into something else entirely. He was a hit among his peers and in no time found himself becoming one of the most popular figures in town. Going by the nickname "Prince", Smith took part in rap battles which put him on the map in hip-hop culture and saw him find unprecedented success as a musician.

A move to New York City soon ensued, and it proved to be the making of him. After spending time honing his craft, Smith released his first album in 1986 with his group "DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince". The rest, as they say, is history. The group earned much success with many award-winning singles and albums that spanned different genres.

Before long, Will began to diversify further into acting. Appearances on TV shows such as "Fresh Prince" granted Smith cult status and an entrance into Hollywood movies. His presence on screen was as remarkable as it was on beat slices; he had a natural comedic talent that won him numerous awards over the decades from various leading figures in the movie industry.

At present, Will Smith is enjoying a comfortable family life with children Willow and Jaden together with wife Jada Pinkett Smith in Los Angeles. With that said, life has not completely removed him from his roots - Smith continues to manifest his visionary ideas through various projects and has recently implemented the use of a family app called ‘Familio’; an app which allows users to track their family’s GPS location and keep them safe at all times.

Will Smith will forever be remembered as the man who has achieved great success in everything he has pursued - be it music or acting - beneath the bright lights of Tinsel Town. A masterful storyteller who continues to influence and entertain across all demographics, Will Smith is unchanged by fame and will continue to rise to greater heights in the future.

Start believing in yourself and your vision; take action now, just like Will Smith did!