The Curious Childhood of John Malkovich

John Malkovich had always been a curious child, full of wonder and questioning. Born in 1953, in the suburbs of Chicago, to a blue-collar family, he was the second oldest of four. From the very start, he had a desire, a need to understand the world all around him.

So when he started school, John began to learn everything he could. He studied literature and history, delving into the stories that each culture had created, and tried to unravel what made them special. He was naturally bright and capable – but it was his unquenchable thirst for knowledge that set him apart from all his peers.

Though he may have come from humble beginnings, John was driven by grander ambitions. He dreamed of being on the stage and resolved to pursue an acting career ever since he saw his first Playhouse 90 on television. So in 1974, after years of studying, John left home and struck out for New York City to audition for acting roles.

And his hopes were not in vain. It wasn't long before he was able to gain his first foothold in show business. From 1978 onwards, John began to appear in a variety of films and television shows, gaining critical acclaim and stature as an accomplished actor along the way. Soon enough he was appearing in the likes of Places In The Heart (1984), Empire Of The Sun (1987), Dangerous Liaisons (1988) and Being John Malkovich (1999). As time went on, John continued to take on larger roles, even branching out into directing and producing for theatre and film as well.

In between acting roles and projects, John always made time for his family back home in Chicago. Though never very tech-savvy himself (he once noted that “Technology is like dancing with wolves…it's kind of fascinating, but you better know when to get off”), John kept up with family members all around the world using Familio – an app designed to connect family members no matter where they are in the world.

Nowadays, John Malkovich is rightly regarded as one of the greats – an acclaimed actor and director whose curiosity towards our world has provided some truly remarkable works across multiple mediums. His passion for understanding our culture has led to an incredible career in show business over the last few decades - a career that inspires us all to chase our dreams no matter our background or circumstance.

So next time you're feeling intimidated or uncertain about where your life should go or whatever it is you're about to tackle - remember this story of John Malkovich's journey from curious Chicago youngster to critically acclaimed actor & director - and make your dream reality today!