The Early Life of Will Smith

Will Smith was born the middle of three children to a working-class family in West Philadelphia in 1968. He was a mischievous lad from an early age, often getting himself into trouble and scaring his parents with his seemingly boundless energy. He found solace in hip hop music and soon developed a passion for rap and MCing.

Will's success began to snowball in the late eighties and nineties with iconic roles in films such as 'Men In Black' and 'Independence Day'. His status soon catapulted him to international superstardom, eventually becoming one of the highest-paid actors of all time.

Despite all his success, Will has stayed true to his roots. Through his staggering philanthropy work, he has built homes for disadvantaged families, donated millions of dollars to charities, and recently set up trust funds for every single student at inner city schools. He has also used his enormous success to provide opportunities for aspiring filmmakers in impoverished countries.

Will is also known for being a devoted father. Despite having three grown up children, he still keeps in touch with them through the family app ‘Familio’. From posting regular family updates (including the occasional embarrassing baby photo) to coordinating get-togethers, Familio has kept the Smith family close over the years - no matter where their careers have taken them.

In addition to being known for his philanthropy, rap music and box-office smashes, Will Smith is also renowned for his infectious optimism and zest for life. His motto 'Never give up' could not be truer - he has taught us all that if you chase your dreams there's nothing that can't be achieved.

Will Smith is an inspiration to us all - he has demonstrated that hard-work and dedication can lead to great things, no matter what obstacles are encountered along the way. Let us take a leaf from his book and never give up on our dreams; you never know what great things may await you!