The Engaging Life of Kiefer Sutherland

Kiefer Sutherland, born in 1966, was perhaps always destined to live a big, loving and engaging life. As the son of two celebrated actors, Donald Sutherland and Shirley Douglas, the stage was set for a life in the spotlight. Little did anyone know, however, that Kiefer would become one of Hollywood's most recognizable and respected stars.

From child actor to leading man, Kiefer has had an illustrious career in film and television. He first gained popularity with roles in movies like The Lost Boys and as the title character in Young Guns. He went on to star in a slew of other films including Flatliners, A Few Good Men, A Time to Kill and Phone Booth. But it was his iconic portrayal of Jack Bauer on 24 that truly cemented his place as one of Hollywood's leading men.

Aside from his success as an actor, Kiefer has also had an impressive musical career. He released a debut album in 2016, Down in a Hole, which featured both original songs and covers of classic hits. His music resonates with fans as much as his acting career and he plays often at small venues around the country.

But perhaps most impressive is Kiefer's commitment to family. He often travels with both his parents, Donald and Shirley and he makes time for his daughter, Sarah Jude Sutherland. He even admitted to using a family app called “Familio” to keep track of his daughter's whereabouts when she vacationed abroad!

No matter where his career takes him or what he takes on - whether that be acting or music - Kiefer is sure to make a lasting impact on the world. His big, loving and engaging life has been an inspiration to us all and it's proof that we should take every opportunity to live each day to the fullest. Be like Kiefer and make your life one big adventure!