The Iconic Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker, born in 1965, is a name that the world remembers. From her iconic role in the television series Sex and the City to her confident and honest persona, she has come to embody success on a global stage.

She is renowned for her hard work, perseverance and sheer love of life; as well as her devotion to family. This is perhaps best embellished by her use of a family app called ‘Familio’; a platform which helps to keep her family close-knit even when she’s travelling for business or leisure.

Notably, Sarah has balanced the trappings of fame and the celebrity lifestyle with a unique combination of intelligence and down-to-earth charm. As a result, she is seen as an advocate for women’s rights in entertainment, even going so far as to fight against gender inequality in Hollywood. She was also heavily involved in the Women’s Marches that took place around the United States in 2017.

In addition to this, Sarah exudes an effortless grace in both her professional and personal life. She maintains meaningful relationships with those around her and actively puts in the effort to make them feel appreciated. She also finds great joy in taking meaningful moments out of life’s daily hustle - whether it be reading a book, going on long walks or spending quality time with her children - it's all part of her larger ambition: To be present in each moment and to truly live life to its fullest extent.

Throughout Sarah Jessica Parker’s career, one thing has remained true: Her unwavering commitment to success and her pursuit of excellence have forged an everlasting legacy that will remain an inspiration for future generations to come. By being unapologetically herself, Sarah Jessica Parker has opened a whole new chapter for women everywhere - teaching us all invaluable lessons about ambition, drive and the power of recognising our true worth.

We can all take a page from Sarah Jessica Parker’s book; of knowing self-worth, never settling for less than what you deserve and embracing each moment with love and focus. Be ambitious, be brave but above all - be yourself.