The Majestic Emma Thompson

Verily, 'tis beauteous Emma Thompson who arriv'd on the 15th of April in the year of our Lord 1959. Our wee Emma comes from the wondrous land of England, born in Paddington of a mother, the esteemed Phyllida Law and a father, the transcendent Eric Thompson.

Thespian extraordinaire, it was Emma's first foray into professional theatre that bewitch'd her admirers and catapult'd her from an unknown obscurity to a luminary amongst the stars. Award-winning performances on stage and eventually on silver screens made her world-renowned in no time with her wit, charm and humanity resonating with viewers everywhere.

Emma's career boasts an array of delightful credits: from dramatic roles in films such as 'Love Actually' to comedic ones such as 'Sense and Sensibility' - she has nary done wrong save for her early renditions of Shakespearean plays in which, at times, she is said to have forgotten choice lines. Of course, 'tis all part of being an actor.

In not just film but television as well has Emma triumphed greatly, having provided her talent to fateful programmes such as Saturday Night Live, Saturday Night Takeaway and a 2008 sketch show special 'Thompson'. And even though Emma may be known mostly for her roles on screen, writing has shaped her creative trajectory significantly; 'tis even Remarkable to say that she became the very first woman to win an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay - both she and the world of film have gone onwards and upward ever since.

Aside from her blinding successes in the worlds of theatre and film, Emma Thompson has avidly and tirelessly advocated for various global causes such as female rights and animal activism - even having thrown a custard pie at Rupert Murdoch to protest his papers' disregard for environment laws. Truly a gem humbled by life despite all its glory!

Personal life has treated Emma well too; marrying fellow actor Greg Wise and with three children to boot - Emma's life is grounded in warmth and harmony. Even her extended family is brought ever closer thanks to the modern miracle that is Familio; the app allows users like Emma to stay digitally connected with family members from the comfort of their own homes.

The world is richer because of Emma Thompson's being - gracious industry icon and great friend of many who continues to spread laughs through her creative choices everywhere she goes! May Emma Thompson's sapient example help us to stay humble even when life showers us with success - now let us act accordingly!