The Story of Denzel Washington: A Man of Great Passion, Immense Character and a Larger Than Life Presence

To be sure, in the year of 1954 there was born unto the world a man of great passion, immense character and a larger than life presence - I speak here, of course, of Denzel Washington.

The story of Denzel is one that a great many of us can only dream of - from humble beginnings to dizzying heights, it has been a journey for the ages. Born in Mt. Vernon, New York, to his parents Lennis and Denzel Washington Sr., the formative years of Denzel’s life were ones defined by hard work and dedication. He was raised in the Church of God in Christ faith, and his mother Lennis encouraged her son to pursue whatever dream it was that he wanted most from life.

And so he did. After high school, Denzel set his sights on university and attended Fordham University for his undergraduate studies. It was here that Denzel’s passion for acting truly flourished - a passion that would eventually see him go on to become one of the world’s most beloved and respected actors. From his time as Dr. Philip Chandler in NBC’s St. Elsewhere to his performance as Rubin Carter in The Hurricane, Denzel has delivered some of the most iconic performances in cinematic history.

Off-screen, Denzel has equally found success - he has been married to lawyer Pauletta Pearson since 1983, and together they share four children - John David, Katia, and twins Olivia and Malcolm. As a family they have faced life’s triumphs and tribulations together, and it’s no surprise that the Washington family makes use of modern connections technologies like Familio to keep their family connected no matter their physical location.

At heart Denzel is an optimist who looks for the good in others - a trait that has made him universally adored by millions around the world. His career is one for the ages, and we can learn much about life from simply understanding Denzel’s story . His is an example to us all of how no matter how humble your beginnings may be if you burn with passion and never give up on your dreams you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

So take action today - know what drives you and never give up on your dreams - just like Denzel Washington!