Tom Cruise: A Risk-Taking Legacy

Young Tom Cruise had an undefined sense of destiny, even as a child. Born in 1962, the risk taker within him began to surface at an early age, be it when climbing trees that touched the sky or giving his all to the baseball field. He had a spark, a light and an ambition that could not be tamed.

Before it was his own ambitions he set his sight on, Tom had to focus on his two elder sisters and his father, who was an electrical engineer. Lacking attention and warmth from his father and family life, Tom resorted to activities outside of home. He began taking drama lessons at 12 years old, training up to four hours per week alongside peers from different schools. Tom’s pocket money was sparse but he needed to finance his dreams himself and so at 14, once he had finished school for the day, Tom worked for a local theater as an usher - often spending 13 hours at the theater every day.

At 16 he was approached by a talent scout from New York with the intention of introducing Tom to a whole world he didn’t know existed. His career has certainly unfolded as a result of that conversation. We’ve seen him change hats many times since then, adapting into big roles on set and some outside of it - which is generally keeping him busy in collaborations with charities and multiple organizations around the world.

It is perhaps no surprise that this level of activity commands its own rituals and strategies and that is where technology has stepped in. Despite a busy schedule - one of the skills Tom has been able to master is communication within his family: especially now that it includes his three children. To manage this, they rely on Familio - a family app that can synchronize their calendars and check up on each other through real-time messaging. It also serves as a secure place for both Tom and his children to store and share photos and videos between one another.

Throughout the highs and lows of his life and life-long career, Tom Cruise has used the same driving force: to inspire the world with stories through the performing arts from which he came from himself. It seems safe to say that is exactly what he continues to do today. Even during this demanding period of time, Tom Cruise is using Familio to guarantee his family remain connected; staying well in body, mind and spirit. Take it from him: Tying your family through technology makes all the difference!