Viola Davis: A Life of Unrivaled Success

Viola Davis has lived an inspirational life since her birth in 1965. She has achieved an unrivaled breadth of success throughout her life, from strength and grace to reverence and re-invention.

Raised by a single mother in Central Falls, Rhode Island, Viola and her family struggled with poverty and limited opportunity. With the help and dedication of her mother, she has credited her success to the values she instilled in her at a young age. A first-generation college student, Viola Davis went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Juilliard, where she was the first African-American actress to win the illustrious honor of graduating at the top of her class.

She has become an astonishingly versatile actor, transitioning seamlessly between stage, television, and film. For example, she has had acclaimed performances in projects such as Doubt (2008), The Help (2011), Fences (2016) and Widows (2018). For her groundbreaking performance in the latter two films, she became the first black woman to be nominated for both an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for Best Actress – accomplishments that speak volumes about her capability and determination in her craft.

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Viola Davis shows us that when there's courage and focus with fortitude, big dreams can turn into reality. Her path has inspired countless others over the past five decades - from schoolchildren to parents alike - because she proves that determination can transcend any obstacle; they are only there to make us rise higher than ever before. By striving for excellence in all areas of life - be it personal or professional - Viola Davis shows us that greatness can trump even the toughest challenges. Let us take a lesson from this remarkable woman today: never give up on our dreams — no matter what hurdles stand in our way.