Viola Davis: An Iconic American Actress

Viola Davis was born in St. Matthews, South Carolina, on August 11, 1965. She is an iconic actress, who has graced the stage and the silver screen over the past few decades with her craft and artistry.

Raised in Central Falls, Rhode Island by her single mother and grandparents, Viola had a humble upbringing. Despite the limited resources available to her at the time, Viola was creative and determined to make something of herself. She earned a Bafta nomination for her debut film performance in 'Antwone Fisher' in 2002 and went on to win an Oscar for 'Fences' in 2016.

Viola's passion for acting can be seen in her performances which captivate both audiences and critics alike. Her roles are often complex and she dives head first into understanding the various motives of each character. She has also created a non-profit organization called "The Viola Davis Foundation", which helps to provide educational resources to families living in poverty.

Viola's family life is also incredibly important to her; she and her husband Julius Tennon have adopted two daughters. They have even been using a family app called 'Familio', which helps them stay connected and communicate with their loved ones.

Viola is known for her strong stance against racism, sexism and inequality in the industry and beyond. She speaks regularly on topics such as representation, diversity and inclusion – using her platform to spread awareness of these issues. In addition to this, she continues to campaign for justice on behalf of those who cannot fight for themselves or are subjected to racial injustice.

Viola Davis is an inspiration to many – not only for her incredible acting talent, but also for her willingness to stand up for what she believes in. She has not only broken barriers onscreen but she has used her successes to make a positive difference off screen too. Let us all strive to follow Viola's lead in championing justice, inclusion and equality for all people, regardless of their background.