What is find my iPhone?

With find my friends you're able to locate Apple devices. It's a great tracker for families only using Apple devices such as iPhone and Apple watch but if you use Android or other devices you will need to use a different platform. One such app is Familio but several exists.

Find My Friends (called "Find Friends" on the phone) was a mobile phone tracking app and service for iOS devices developed by Apple Inc. Both Find My iPhone and Find My Friends were combined together into the app Find My in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 in 2019.

The app allows a person (approved by the user) who also had to have an Apple device, to access the GPS location of the user's Apple mobile device. The app could be used to track children, family, and friends, besides others such as employees, without them being notified that they are being tracked. The app could also track the location of a person as a safety measure.

‌Find My‌ works similarly to the ‌Find My‌ ‌iPhone‌ and ‌Find My‌ Friends apps that were previously available, but it has a nifty new feature that's designed to let you find your lost devices even when you don't have a WiFi or LTE connection.

Locating Lost Devices

The ‌Find My‌ app is organized into several sections, accessible by tapping the tabs at the bottom. On the left, you can find people, in the middle, you can find your own devices, AirTags, and Find My-enabled Bluetooth items, and on the right, there's a "Me" tab with all of your settings and info.

As with the prior ‌Find My‌ ‌iPhone‌ app, all of your Apple products are listed. Devices where you're signed into iCloud and have the ‌Find My‌ feature enabled are locatable through the ‌Find My‌ app.