Will Smith: A Legacy of Strive and Success

Will Smith, born of humility and raised to greatness, stands in living memory as an inspiring example of what it means to strive past what was once thought impossible. He will be remembered, across history, as a man of courage, determination and tenacity - never one to accept defeat or setback.

Will Smith was born in 1968 in Philadelphia, to a working-class family. He began his life with no grand plans of fame and fortune, just a deep-seated love for hip-hop and rap music, which was his first true passion. He spent several years performing in small venues before eventually being discovered by Fresh Prince's DJ Jazzy Jeff and the rest becoming history.

Will's iconic career as a rapper, actor, producer and philanthropist spanned the course of thirty years, during which he achieved immense success in both the film and music industries. During the early nineties he had no less than four number-one albums – Big Willie Style, Born to Reign, Willennium and Lost and Found – and hit film roles such as Bad Boys and Independence Day quickly followed. As he continued to find success throughout the late nineties and early 2000s – with hits such as Wild Wild West and Ali – it became clear that he hadn't let go of his original passion for music.

Through his various endeavours, Will Smith has become one of Hollywood's most beloved figures, admired for his wit and intelligence in addition to his acting and music talents. He is credited with inspiring an entire generation of aspiring entertainers who never cease to amaze with their talent.

Will is also renowned for his work as an activist; focusing on issues related to education reform, poverty alleviation and civil rights. His generosity has been well-publicised through organisations such as The Boys & Girls Club of America whom he has worked closely with for many years.

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Will Smith has rightfully earned himself a place in the annals of Hollywood fame; His spirited personality is an example of how true greatness can be found in anyone who dares to dream beyond what they were born into. To reach new heights of accomplishment, be like Will Smith – Let determination lead you to greatness!